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3 years ago|96.8K views

Super Ripped 71-yo Grandpa Shows Off His Jaw-Dropping Core Workout

Ruptly in English
Ruptly in English
A sculpted work-out acrobat named Anatoly put youngsters to shame as he broke out some of the most intense core workouts we've ever seen at Kiev's Hydropark, defying gravity at the ripe old age of 71.

Caught on camera in 2011, Anatoly flexed his muscles as he performed a series of different acrobatics on the park's apparatus, hanging from poles and lifting concrete blocks to build his body. The senior citizen held himself straight as an arrow while holding a stone, pushing his ab muscles to the max and returned back to the starting position without so much as a grunt.

Anatoly's ab workouts are only for die hard fitness junkies, so if you're thinking about trying to master these core exercises, you should be very sure of your core strength before attempting something like this. This grandpa's dedication to exercise helps him stay healthy and active.
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