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4 years ago|16 views

Tom Hanks says he'll boycott NFL over Raiders' Las Vegas move

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Wibbitz Top Stories
There are plenty of people who are unhappy with the Oakland Raiders' move to Las Vegas, namely the fans. Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks is one of them and he recently voiced his frustrations. When the Raiders leave, I am going on an NFL moratorium for two years. You cannot take the Silver and Black, put them in an air-conditioned dome in the desert, make them play on artificial turf within a stone’s throw of the fountains of Caesars Palace, and call them the Raiders. Here’s the thing I don’t quite understand. And I’m not trying to — this isn’t one of the causes I’m fighting for. I’m just thinking as a fan: It’s a billion-dollar industry, they have billion-dollar TV contracts. All the owners are billionaires. And yet when they want to build a stadium they’re going to use for 10 weeks out of the year, they expect the city taxpayers to buy the building. The Raiders are expected to move to "Sin City" by the 2020 NFL season. Needless to say, the fan reaction was mostly negative.
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