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5 years ago

‘Charging Bull’ creator wants ‘Fearless Girl’ statue moved

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
NEW YORK CITY — The sculptor of Wall Street’s iconic bull is not happy about the tiny bronze human that’s been staring down his creation since International Women’s Day.

Arturo di Modica says his bull is meant to carry an optimistic message of strength, but the presence of ‘Fearless Girl’ subverts it to something negative, reports the New York Times.

He wants the city remove or relocate the statue, claiming he was never asked or consulted about the installation, which though initially temporary, will now be staying put until February 2018.

Di Modica and lawyer Norman Siegel allege that the move is infringing upon the artist’s rights, and the pair are now demanding to be shown documents detailing how the city of New York granted the permit.

While not exactly wrong about ‘Fearless Girl’ capitalizing on his piece, it’s ironic that Di Modica is getting riled up about the city not following proper procedures.

His bronze bull was basically guerilla art back in ‘87, having been installed without a permit in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The city decided to keep it after it became popular, and moved it to its current location.

There’s also the issue of both pieces being public art and open to interpretation. The meaning of the bull statue changed with the times, probably long before ‘Fearless Girl’ even got there.

For now, Siegel says they are trying to resolve their issues with the city amicably, though they’re not above taking the matter to court if need be.

But New York mayor Bill de Blasio seems to be firmly on Team Fearless Girl, tweeting that the statue is staying put.

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