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oneHouse Portugal
onehouse is a Real Estate Consultant, specialized in Investment market segments, first and second home, Retail, Overseas Properties, Leasing and relocation home and Office.
It is common sense that the creation of wealth is extremely important for Countries, Businessmen and every individual. One of the important means of creating wealth is the Real Estate Investment. With this in mind, oneHouse has had a constant concern in searching good investments for its clients and possesses investment products for Portuguese clients as well as for International clients, named overseas properties, possessing a purchase support and local financing section for the purchasing of property. Products for whom desires to possess a second house in a sun country, golf, surf and sea sports, with a high quality life. It also possesses products for profitability investments, doing Property Management, allowing the client to purchase a property and not to worry about its profitability and maintenance.
For clients in the process of changing residence or companies that wish to settle in Portugal, oneHouse has a RELOCATION section dedicated to searching for houses and offices, dealing with all the paperwork concerning the setting of people and companies in Portugal.
Algarve (wonderful shores and mountains), Douro (Port wine area), Lisbon (shores and city), Costa and the Inner Alentejo (shores and hunting and agriculture areas) … are locations where oneHouse has products for a high quality sale.
oneHouse has a lot of experience throughout the world, namely in the market of Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde and Spain, offering to its clients a number of investment solutions.
Nowadays, oneHouse has clients around the globe, namely in the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Angola, Spain, Russia, South Africa, among others.
The services of oneHouse have a renowned quality, combining an excellent professional capability with the typical kindness and hospitality of the Portuguese people.