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We made it : Busta feat. Linkin Park + Lyrics

AlaN 35 ;)
il y a 12 ans|77 vues
[Chester Bennington]
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall

[Busta Rhymes:]
See it niggas i survived the worst but my life is glorious
Betta believe that i leaped every hurdle and i'm so victorious
Take a look I'm a symbol of greatness now call a nigga Morpheus
As force accumalted the wind and but a believe I'm so notorious
Didn't know I've been buying my bread even though we rapping now (yes)
And now when you look on my trip and you a nigga higher level tramping now
And you see that everyone on my middle struggers and
For your ass is never been an option
A nigga paper long like we was on the trap and the hood choppin
Get it!


[Mike Shinoda:]
When it all got started we was steadily just getting rejected
And it seemed like nothing we could do would ever get us respected
And thus we was stressed and the worst they probably said was we're pathetic
Had all the pieces to that puzzle just a way to get connected
And I was fighting through every ryhme tighting up every line
Never resting the question and I was out of my mind
And it finally came time to do it or let it die
So put the chips on the table and told me to let it ride
Sing it!


[Busta Rhymes:]
Look in case you misunderstanded exactly what I'm building
Shit that I could live for my children (children) children (children)
Now I only wake up I smile to see how far I've come
Fighting for sales on a strip to get hustle from
From nights in jail on a bench using my muscles son
To count money like Dre, Jimmy and Russell Ones
But now I live when I dream you see me finally getting it
Let's make a toast to the hustle regardless how we get it