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Reeses Snacksters Review | Spread It

2 года назад0 views



Welcome to Candy Land! In this video my baby and I are glad to introduce you to the new Hersheys Spread Snacksters vs the Reeses Spreads Snacksters.\r
Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Dip snack pot sticks of crispy biscuit epic awesome lovely SPREAD IT! FRUK spreading all over ya face! ▻My Comedy .\r
Welcome back, and if youre tuning in for the first time, Welcome to my channel!♥ Todays video is a sweet and sort of savory review on the NEW Reeses Pieces .\r
Tasting NEW Foods! Hey there my sweet friends!! This is a video of me trying out a NEW food or snack. That means its either NEW in stores or just NEW to me!\r

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Reeses Snacksters Review | Spread It
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