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Paul Anka - 21 Golden Hits - Full Album

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Diana 00:00,0
Put Your Head On My Shoulder 02:20,1
Lonely Boy 04:55,2
Time To Cry 07:19,1
Puppy Love 09:49,2
I Love You In The Same Old Way 12:35,0
You Are My Destiny 15:03,1
Crazy Love 17:32,0
Don't Ever Leave Me 19:59,1
Summer's Gone 22:20,2
Adam And Eve 24:45,0
Don't Gamble With Love 26:58,1
I'm Still Waiting Here For You 29:22,0
I Love You, Baby 31:56,0
It Doesn't Matter Anymore 34:19,2
Tonight My Love, Tonight 36:11,2
My Home Town 38:19,0
Cinderella 40:25,2
Love Land 42:28,2
Dance On Little Girl 44:44,1
The Longest Day 46:37,0

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Paul Anka - 21 Golden Hits - Full Album
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