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The Chainsmokers Get Songwriting Tips From Bono

4 maanden geleden|21 views
American dance pop duo The Chainsmokers is riding high at the moment. After scoring a string of hits, including international chart topper Closer, the duo comprised of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall walked away with their first Grammy Award for the track Don’t Let Me Down. With everything falling into place, now is the perfect time to release their debut album Memories: Do Not Open, says Pall. The album represents a more personal, darker, side of the duo, which is something they talked about with new showbizz friend Bono from U2. “He said that one of the things of being a great songwriter is outing yourself and to write about those vulnerable times. The times that aren’t so happy sometimes make for the best songs. The album is going to be a much deeper confession into the things we’ve gone through over the years. ”

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