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Alphabet Song with Big and Small Letter N to teach and learn ABCs

2 года назад1 views



The best Alphabet song ever with the simplest visuals ever, to learn Uppercase and Lowercase Letter N with a little baby sun with a dummy and in alphabet nappy (diaper) with Big and small letter N - This is also Alphabet Song Nursery Rhymes to dance the ABCs, simple ABCs learning, and to print letter N worksheets included in the final frames of this nursery cartoon: flashcard, puzzle and coloring page, right from the video, see below for details! Alphabet Song Vol. 5, ABC Nursery Songs video with Letter N. Volume 5, Simple ABCs Video 14 (2 December new) Alphabet Song Magazine \r
Alphabet Nursery Songs Worksheets and Printables\r
Because of the consistency of this alphabet song nursery video series, our easy visuals are easy for little minds to remember. Our alphabet nursery rhymes worksheets help your child acquire memory of letters in the most familiar baby diaper setting , visualize the alphabet song, and promote memorization skills.\r
Therefore, we welcome you to print any frame of this video as English Alphabet Flashcard, to print puzzle at frame 0:26 and coloring page ge at ending frames of the cartoon, say at 0:29 . You can then offer these Alphabet song magazine worksheets as preschool home work assignment for your baby or toddler: just select HD mode, pause the video, maximize youtube player and send the screen to your printer, directly or via copy-paste into your favorite image editing software!\r
Scholar Reference:\r
Alphabet Song with Super Simple Uppercase and Lowercase Letter N Baby Sun Simple Learning. Alphabet Song Volume 5, Simple ABCs Video 14 (2 December new) Alphabet Song Magazine\r
Alphabet Song Vol. 5 playlist: \r
Original Alphabet Song Nursery Rhyme Reference:\r
ABC song Gangnam style. Super Simple Songs Journal (issn 2308-0108), Volume 5, Song 1 (new) \r
Original Alphabet Song Lyrics:\r
I wont learn this ABCs\r
Cause you will always read to me\r
Now I know my ABCs\r
Next time wont you sing with me\r
Note: This original Alphabet Song, its melody, orchestration and lyrics is a (p)(c) new copyright by the owner of this original musical works, additional information is available at original Alphabet song publication at Super Simple Songs Journal, see reference above\r
Alphabet ABC Song and Letter N - Simple animation for teaching and kids learning Alphabet - Английский алфавит для детей, буква Н (читается лэтэ эн) и детская алфавитная песенка в стиле Гангнам стайл для детей, мультик раскраска и домашнее задание с маминым солнышком: распечатайте любой кадр в конце мультфильма и предложите ребенку раскрасить большую (мама или папа) и маленькую (малыш) букву н\r
Letter N Alphabet Nursery Rhyme in Gangnam Style - Alphabet Song

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Alphabet Song with Big and Small Letter N to teach and learn ABCs
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