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Car Transporter Truck Drive 3D - Android Gameplay HD

3 года назад|0 просмотр
Start your truck simulator 3D engine in this king of all car transporter truck games. Choose your cars that you like to load the truck with, load them on top of the trailer of the car transporter truck. Get behind the wheel of your truck and make sure you successfully complete your missions. In this newest truck transporter simulator you get to drive around with a real car carrying trailer also know as the car transporter truck. So if you want to travel the roads of this big city and you wanne have a career as a truck driver, then the best way to practice your truck transporter driving skill is to pick up this fun and newest truck simulator 3D game.\r
As you make money youll be able to visit the car dealer to buy different cars to load on the car trailer truck. So park your vehicle in the car transport trailer and drive the cars to the right destinations. Do you think you can easlly drive a huge transporter truck that carries a heavy load? Your job in this game is load the cars on the car transporter trailer and drive the trucks from the truck parking lot to the showroom garage unload the truck there and earn some cash. You complete this task if you if transport all the cars without taking any damage as you drive to the destination.\r
Car Transporter Truck Drive 3D: game features\r
One of the best parking truck simulator 3d game physics\r
No containers, wood or other stuff no you have sport cars on your 3d car transport trailer\r
Different camera view, check the position of your truck and cars as you park it them\r
Are you ready for a speed game time is the main challenge for you truckers out there!\r
Real 3d environment with beautiful graphics, huge open world to drive around\r
Traffic on the roads of this city, watch out and dont damage your cargo\r
On-Screen Steering Wheel in this truck transporter simulator, acceleration and brake pedals and gearshift\r
Download link -

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