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Cars 2 Game - Mater hosen - Ginza Sprint - Disney Car

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Sir Tow Mater, generally known by just his surname, Mater, is the deuteragonist of Cars, and the protagonist of Cars 2. He also appeared in his very own TV short Cars Toons: Maters Tall Talesas the main character.\r
His best friend is Lightning McQueen. Mater also likes to go Tractor Tippin at night, which is also his favorite hobby.\r
In the video game, he first appears as the announcer in the cut-scene forRadiator Springs Grand Prix. Then he was in the cut-scene for Tractor Tippin, where Lightning wakes him up and asks him to goTractor Tippin, but Mater asks why he would want to go, because he thought Lightning was scared of Frank. But they went, anyway. In the actual game, you play as him.\r
Later in Chapter 3, Lightning will come to Maters Junkyard to ask Mater if he can do the backwards driving lesson. Mater says he could do it now. Mater teaches Lightning some rules, like turn your rear tires like they were your front ones. Also, turn right to go left. To make sure he gets it, Mater sets up a game where Lightning must follow him around a course and drive backwards when he does. After the practice, Mater says he did good, and even tries to spell his last name backwards by calling him Mr. Gintil. However, that spells Litnig, not Lightning, when its spelled forward.\r
Later, Mater was in front of the Rustbucket Stadium banging himself into a wall to get ready for his big race.Lightning drives up, wondering what was happening. Mater tells Lightning whats happening. Then, Tommy Joedrives up and bangs into Lightning, which was his way of saying, Hi. Mater asks Lightning to help them for the race, but Lightning decides to sit this one out. After the race Mater earns a boost tank as a prize, and he gives it to Lightning.\r
In Chapter 5, the final chapter, Mater and Darrell Cartrip were the announcers for the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. He also goes with Lightning on the road trip.

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Cars 2 Game - Mater hosen - Ginza Sprint - Disney Car
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