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Death Blocks 3 Android Gameplay (HD)

il y a 2 ans0 views



Death Blocks 3 Android Gameplay (HD) Death Blocks 3 Android Gameplay (HD) Death Blocks 3 Android Gameplay (HD)\r
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“Death Blocks 3” is a FPS to shoot looming zombies.\r
So many features were added!\r
The place you dispatched has occupied by dreadful zombies.\r
The longer you stay, the more danger zombies appear…\r
Blowem all and survive!\r
## Features\r
Minecraft like voxel based graphics.\r
Various weapon like Machingun, Shotgun, Deagle, Grenade, RPG, Knife, AR.\r
Put the blocks and create your own building\r
Boss battles\r
Several types of unique zombies will be appeared.\r
Upgrade the weapon and armor by gem you got.\r
Multiplayer mode\r
Custom map edit mode\r
Riding big robots

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Death Blocks 3 Android Gameplay (HD)
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