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Candy Gummy 2 - Kids Gameplay Android

il y a 2 ans0 views

Candy Gummy 2 Kids mobile Android Gameplay Full HD\r
Description: Be sweet on super hit casual game Candy Gummy 2 now!\r
Immerse your fingers into sweetest Candy Gummy 2. Collect gummy candies to march through this amazingly sweet story!\r
Candy Gummy 2 Features:\r
- 135 deliciously gummy levels to guarantee your sweet teeth satisfied\r
- Travel through 3 sweetest maps: Candytopia, Spa Castle, Lollipop Clouds\r
- Match 3 or more gummies to collect tasty sweets\r
- Gather various gummies to win sugary level before you run out of moves\r
- Unique boosters and props (Including Count-down Candy, Jelly Shooter, Rainbow Candy, Angry Trick Candy etc.) \r
[Download link];

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Candy Gummy 2 - Kids Gameplay Android
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