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On 3rd - 4th of June, 2006 ( Sat. - Sun. ),
handred and fifty Japanese came to Takashima city,
Shiga Prefecture, Japan.
"ReDiscovery Japan Private School" has its principal object that
modern Japanese would rediscover Japanese villages, countries
and small towns, local industiries,agriculutre, art crafts and
traditional art and those related people.

They would reconsider and redefine their identity as "a Japanese",
because Japan lost its unique point of views in actual globalization.
They themselves do not reconsider what their ancients made in a
long history. Globalization, standardization and stereotype all over
Japan.The views of local towns and even villages in Japan look same
and they live daily life in a quite similar manner.
Due to those background, Japanese culture and art had lost power.

- ReDiscovery and ReDefining Japan

150 Japanese who would rediscover Japan got together in Takashima.

-Those teachers for students:

Seita FUJIWARA, bee farmer
Kouraku OGAWA, Ogawa Tea Ceremonist
Mitsuo OGAWA, Carpenter
Hiroshi KOUJITANI, Designer
Hisanori KONGOU, Noh-Gaku player
Akira HASEGAWA, d-k Artist
Kenichiro MOGI, brain Scientist

-Time Schedule of the Private School -
date: 2006/06/03-04 (2 days)
time: 11:30 - 16:30

11:30 JR Adogawa Station
12:00 Opening
12:30 Physical Practice (stretching) led by Akemi MASUDA
12:45 Lunch

14:00 'Gin-kou' (Haiku-making) led by Madoka MAYUZUMI
at Harie Area in Takashima City
15:30 Class_01 'Extreme Ordinary' at Shou-Den-Ji Temple
17:30 Supper
18:45 Hotel-Lodge Check-in
20:00 'Nen-butsu-odori Dance' and d-k (d-g-i-t-a-l k-a-k-e-j-i-k-u) LIVE at Kou-Shou-Ji Temple in Kutsuki Village
20:30 Discussion at the ZEN temple ( Kou-shou-ji Temple )
21:30 Biwa strings play
23:00 Hotel Lodge arrival

07:30 Breakfast
08:30 Visit 'Asa-Ichi' (morning market) at Ichiba, Kustuki Village
09:30 Tea Ceremony Tutorial led by Kouraku OGAWA
10:30 Class_02 'Wastefulness and Efficiency"
12:30 Lunch

14:00 Class_03 'Rediscover Takashima to Redifine Japan"

15:00 Closing
16:30 JR Adogawa Station

*For details information, please visit:
- ReDiscovery and ReDefining Japan
or visit - 日本再発見塾 www.e-janaika.com in Japanese

Japan Rediscovery Private School Office
3-28, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan ( ZIP 1302-0075 )