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Top 8 Inappropriate Adult Jokes in PowerPuff Girls

Nerd Wire
Nerd Wire
Like its titular heroes, Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon made with sugar, spice, everything nice, and the mysterious chemical X, but some episodes have a little extra X in them. We’re talking chemical triple X. Today we’re looking at 8 adult jokes hidden in the seemingly innocent Powerpuff Girls cartoon. #8 Fuzzy Lumpkins Gets Dirty - In the season 5 episode Shotgun Wedding, the redneck villain Fuzzy Lumpkins mistakes a mud covered Professor X as a lady lumpkin. Fuzzy Lumpkin and his inbred family violently force the Professor into marrying Fuzzy. Luckily the Powerpuffs save the day and knock the mud off of the Professor. Fuzzy swears that the girls won’t get in the way of true love and scoops up the professor’s mud disguise, because, you know, he’s an idiot and thinks that the mud is a lumpkin. Fuzzy runs off to his cabin with his new wife and then consummates the marriage. Yep he starts boinking the hell out of that pile of mud. #7 Whoopsies - Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup bring home a new friend in the fourth season episode Superfriends. When the girls introduce their friend Robin to the professor, Bubbles tells her that the professor made them in a lab accident. Without missing a beat Robin assures the professor that that’s okay, her parents made her by accident too, implying that she was an unplanned pregnancy. #6 The Professor’s Date - In the early episode Mommy Fearest, the girls help the professor prepare for a date and they make sure he’s well stocked. Buttercup slipped something past the censors and into Utonium’s pocket. Looks like the girls don’t want more sisters anytime soon. #5 Mojo Jojo’s Comeuppance - Prison rape jokes exist in a strange realm of double-standards, presumably because bad guys deserve to be punished. Because of this, you’ll find plenty of prison rape jokes in children's cartoons, including the Powerpuff Girls. In Cootie Gras, Mojo Jojo is jailed at the end of the episode in a cell with a burley bunkmate. The inmate smirks at Jojo as the narrator announces that “love is in the air.” I think “love” might be the wrong word Mr. Narrator. #4 The Rowdyruff Boys - Let’s move on to harmless penis jokes shall we? In The Boys Are Back In Town, the Rowdyruff Boys return to enact revenge on the girls. Previously the Powerpuffs were able to defeat them with cooties and kisses, but the boys have matured and now kisses make them bigger, stronger, and tougher. Really puts new meaning into being a “dick”. #3 A Squirrel’s Gender - The girls nurse a pet squirrel back to health in the episode Stray Bullet, but they can’t come to a consensus on what gender it is. Blossom and Bubbles think that it’s a girl while Buttercup argues it’s a boy. Buttercup asks why they think its a girl and Bubbles has some damning evidence. #2 The Whole Episode of Member’s Only - Members Only is a season 4 episode where innuendo runs rampant. A flaming hotrod villain named Mas-CUM-max attacks an all male superhero league and goes on a diatribe. Mascumax beats the heroes but Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup come to save the turning into a flaming pussy cat and rubbing against him. #1 The Whole Episode of Something’s A Ms. - Members Only isn’t the only episode dedicated to sexual innuendo, so is Something’s A Ms. an episode where Sedusa kidnaps and steals the identity of Ms. Bellum, a character who is pretty much a giant boobs joke in the first place. For the eagle-eyed viewer, you’ll notice that Ms. Bellum’s home address is 69 Yodel In the Valley Lane. 69 being a sexual position and “yodel in the valley” being slang for going down on a woman. It’s subtle to start, but the episode gets more overt. When Sedusa is posing as Bellum, she uses her feminine wiles to suggestively sharpen the mayor's pencil, and well… Did the Mayor just jizz himself? That’s it for our list of dirty jokes in the Powerpuff Girls. Let us know in the comments what other shows we should find dirty jokes in.