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JR Writer on Dissing Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Dame Dash in Prison Freestyle

Samuel Fly
JR Writer stopped by VladTV to talk about doing time in prison, not snitching on the people who put him in jail, and his rap career including his diss record towards Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Dame Dash. JR explained to Vlad that the reason he went to prison had to do with him associating himself with the wrong people. "Honestly to keep it funky with you, you know me f**cking with certain n***as put me in that predicament not knowing, me really not thinking cause I can't even put the blame on anybody else all the way like I gotta take some of the blame." Writer explained him doing time in prison surprisingly helped him, and he even called the bid a blessing. He also explained that he could have walked away from the charge if he would have told on the people who actually committed the crime, but instead Writer wanted to go to trial because he felt didn't do anything wrong. "Once I seen how real it could get in Manhattan Court, I said you know what, what they offering, and it was too late by then, I just had to take whatever was on the table from the jump which was two years." Writer eventually accepted his fate, but not before considering running away to the Dominican Republic. "I was ready to go to DR, and my moms was with it... but my n**gas was telling me naw just chill.... but honestly I didn't wanna do a day."

Writer also expressed that he was confident when his case began due to his high profile lawyer Scott Leemon, whom he found by googling, "Who is P. Diddy's lawyer?" but he made the ultimate decision not to go to trial. Vlad and Writer also discussed how being in the rap game and being involved in the court system is tough because snitching is not taken lightly in the hip-hop community. Vlad asked Writer if the people he took the bid for helped him out while he was in prison, and although he said they attempted to, he didn't want their help.

JR Writer mentioned he did a freestyle for Worldstar Hip-Hop over the phone while in prison, and the conversation about him taking shots at Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Dame Dash came up. "Honestly at the time man I was in my feelings, I was blaming everybody else, cause they definitely wasn't the reason why I was in the situation. But I felt like at the time... I was already mad I was doing time, and I felt like no one was setting me out, or looking out for me..." Writer says he knows he should have gone about that a different way but everything is good now.
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