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#Is Princess Rapunzel Kissing The Joker? w/ Jealous Blue Spiderman & Venom in Real Life

2 года назад7 views



Is Princess Rapunzel Kissing The Joker? w/ Jealous Blue Spiderman & Venom in Real Life\r
Princess Rapunzel is tied upside down and screaming for help. Joker is walking around when he suddenly hears her cries for help. He rushes over and helps Rapunzel down. Disney Rapunzel is overjoyed and gives Joker a hug. Blue Spiderman walks past as this is happening and is angry when he sees Rapunzel and Joker hugging. Spider Man heads over and splits them apart. His anger then leads Blue Spiderman to hit Joker.\r
Blue Spiderman then runs away and begins to cry. He finds a comfortable spot on the sidewalk to lay down and cry alone. Rapunzel and Joker finally find him after some searching, and rush over to tell him that he misunderstood. However, Venom is lurking and pushes Joker so he falls on top of Rapunzel. Blue Spiderman hears the commotion and turns to find them kissing. \r
Enraged once again, Blue Spiderman rushes over and pushes Joker. Rapunzel tries to protect him from Blue Spiderman, but Blue Spiderman takes out a gun. After he misses all of his shots, Blue Spiderman decides to take out some dynamite and throw it at them. Joker pushes Rapunzel out of the way, and jumps in front of the dynamite taking the brunt of the explosion. As Joker nearly dies, Blue Spiderman comes to apologize for being so mean.\r
As the trio are talking, they notice Venom and chase after him. They finally spot him hiding poorly behind a trash can and sneak up behind him. As theyre sneaking, Rapunzel finds a large spider and screams, alerting Venom. As the three friends are trying to find out why Rapunzel is screaming, Venom sprays them all with silly string before pushing them aside and running off once again.Rapunzel, Joker, and Blue Spiderman finally trap Venom into a corner and tie a rope around him before taking turns beating him up. As they celebrate their victory, Joker takes some cake and mashes into Rapunzels and Blue Spidermans faces.

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#Is Princess Rapunzel Kissing The Joker? w/ Jealous Blue Spiderman & Venom in Real Life
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