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USA Chewing Gum Countdown / A lot of Chewing by Candy Land (warning contains heavy chewing)

il y a 2 ans|3 vues
This was one of my first videos. 1. Starburst 2.Tropical Orbit 3.Bubble Gum Trident 4.Berry Trident 5.Grape Orbit 6.Cherry Lime Trident 7.Tropical Trident 8.Juicy Fruit 9. Passion Trident 10.Spearmint 11.Spearmint Orbit 12.Cinnamon Trident 13.Strawberry Trident 14.Bubble Gum Orbit 15.Winterfresh 16.Mint Trident 17.DoubleMint 18.Big Red\r
This is all made in the USA even though Trident is originally from the UK

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