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Minnies Mouse Grill Station in Food Truck - Disney App| Meat, Cheese & Tomato

2 года назад2 views



View the new Disney game, Minnies Food Truck. This video is to illustrate the in-app purchase of Minnies Grill Station\r
App Download (iTunes): \r
Official description:\r
Minnies Food Truck is open for business! Join Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo-Loca in serving up a big batch of silly fun from Minnies Food Truck! Start at the Beach, where youll whip up the best smoothies surfside by combining all sorts of crazy ingredients. Just remember to put the lid on the blender, or else youll have a fun mess on your hands! The more customers who like your food, the more ingredients you can unlock to expand your business! You might even make it to the covers of magazines celebrating your success! \r
Through optional in-app purchases, you can grill up tasty recipes at the Campground and chop up fresh salads at the Farmers Market!\r
* Cook up fun recipes, or create a chefs special with all sorts of yummy ingredients!\r
* Unlock additional delicious ingredients to expand your business!\r
* Customize Minnies Food Truck with fun truck toppers!\r
* Check yourself out in the rearview mirror while you drive Minnies Food Truck to each location! (not available on iPhone 4 and 4S)\r
* Get your photo on the cover of fun food magazines!\r
* Get grillin at the Campground, or chop up your favorite salads at the Farmers Market through optional in-app purchases!

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Minnies Mouse Grill Station in Food Truck - Disney App| Meat, Cheese & Tomato
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