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Sago Mini Planes | Playful Airplane Fun Adventure Kids Games

Clementinaneomi 1043
3 yıl önce|2 görüntüleme
The most magical, fun-filled airplane adventure for kids!\r
Pick a plane, load your passengers and take flight! Catch some sun at the beach then cool off in the arctic, pop balloons as you weave through the mountains. Fly up high to reach outer space! Does flying make you hungry? Chomp a delicious pizza planet then fly through a giant ice cream for dessert. This trip has the best in-flight snacks.\r
With over 40 playful moments and tons of beautiful scenery to explore, young kids will love flying through the sky. Thoughtfully designed as part of the award-winning suite of Sago Mini apps, this is the perfect app to bring along on your own airplane adventures.\r
• Ten fantastic planes, from super fast jets to a flying bunny slipper\r
• More than 6 habitats to explore, from magical mountains to outer space!\r
• No rules or time pressures. Explore at your own pace\r
• Perfect to bring along on your own airplane adventures\r
• Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5\r
• Whimsical artwork and custom sound design\r
• Play wherever you are - without WI-FI or Internet\r
• Safe and kid-friendly - no in-app purchases or third-party advertising, play without any interruptions!\r
Sago Mini is an award-winning company devoted to play. We make apps and toys for preschoolers worldwide. Toys that seed imagination and grow wonder. We bring thoughtful design to life. For kids. For parents. For giggles\r
Download Link \r
Play Android : \r
Play iOS : \r
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