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Learn Shapes for Children Baby Toddlers Kindergarten Kids 3D Colors Ball Pit

3 года назад|2 просмотров
Learn Colors with Surprise Eggs Compilation Prank 3D for Kids Toddlers Color Balls Smiley Face.\r
Lets learn colors with many 3D surprise eggs in this english learning videos for kids. This is one of our color lessons aims to teach colours to preschoolers, kindergarten children and babies in a funny way! Also learn the English word of colors, learn-a-word per surprise egg! Our 3D animated surprise eggs have smile faces, toddlers will be happy to learn colors with smiley face ! Were going to learn colors by opening the giant surprise eggs in different style one by one, you can see many color balls come out. Lets challenge yourself to count the numbers of color balls for kids we have in each egg?.\r
#KIDSCOLOR #color #learncolors #toy #surpriseeggs #eggs #ball #colorball #Numbers #kinder #kindersurprise .\r
How to teach toddler colors? The answer may be found in this color lesson (in a funny way!). Child can learn colours with surprise eggs and color balls which are in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black and White. \r
This is one of our learning videos for 1 year old, 2 year old and 3 year olds toddlers. Please check out our channel for more videos.\r
We hope our videos can make your kids and family happy :).\r
Enjoy! Learn and have fun!.\r
Thanks for watching! .\r
#KIDSCOLOR #color #learncolors #toy #surpriseeggs #eggs #ball #colorball #Numbers #kinder #kindersurprise .

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