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[Pororo S1] Season 1 Full Episodes E21-E24 (6/13)

3 years ago|7 views
1:20 - 6:14 Episode 21. Kite-Flying\r
6:15 - 11:19 Episode 22. Save Loopy!\r
11:20 - 16:14 Episode 23. Train Adventure\r
16:15 - 21:15 Episode 24. Be Careful!\r
Episode 21: Kite-flying \r
Pororo, Eddy, and Poby go out to fly kites they each made for themselves. As they flied their own kites, they started a game on whose kite flew higher and was better. Eddy, who is most competitive, made the largest kite and flew it. Eddys kite flew high up in the sky and took Eddy along with it. Pororo and friends try to catch Eddy, but what will happen next?\r
Episode 22: Save Loopy\r
One day while passing by Loopys house, Crong hears Loopy crying out for help.\r
Crong rushes to Pororo for help. Pororo goes to Poby and tells him that Loopy was kidnapped by villains and is in danger. Pororo and friends make out to rescue Loopy, only to find that it was all a part of a shadow play that Loopy and Eddy was preparing…\r
Episode 23: Train Adventure\r
Pororo and friends go on a train trip to a near by mountain on Eddys little train. The little train becomes a roller coaster ride, stopping on top of the hill, and dropping fast to the ground. First time on a train, Pororo and friends are about to have a fun ride…\r
Episode 24: Be careful\r
Pororo and friends gather on top of a hill to ride sled and ski. Pororo, riding Crongs sled, pours snow on Eddy by accident. Eddy follows Pororo and pays back with a heavy snow blast.\r
Riding their sled and ski down the hill, Eddy and Pororo starts to play dangerously…