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il y a 14 ans|27.4K vues
Since her childhood Hanayo was studying and performing music and theatre, taking photos, and travelling in the USA and Europe * 1989 Hanayo starts her education as a junior geisha * 1991 Release of her first book Oshakuchan No.1 about her life in the geisha world * 1992 Starts a new band Muscats with Massami Akita from Merzbow and Masaya Nakahara from Violent Onsen Geisha * Coverstory about Hanayo in The Face magazine * 1993 Photoexhibition at Röntgen Kunst Institut / Tokyo * Model for Jean Paul Gaultier advertising campaign * 1994 Play at Seed Hall / Tokyo * Performance with The Red Krayola at Shelter / Tokyo * 1995-96 Host of the TV comedy show Chounenten Museum * 1995 CD release Makka Na Shizuku produced by Jun Miyake * CD release Dang Dong produced by Naruyoshi Kikuchi, Kimitaka Matsumae * Performance of Kiyomoto Komori at the National Theatre / Tokyo * Play Le petit prince by Shuji Terayama at Jan Jan / Tokyo * Finishes her work as a geisha and moves to Europe * Starts her new band Vapid Dolly with Dizzy Q Viper (ex Daisy Chainsaw) * 1996 CD release Sayonalala produced by The Black Dog s * Performance with Demolition Ferrariat at La Coupole / Paris * Release of the book Hanayome of photos she has taken published at Shinchosha * Photoexhibition at Taka Ishii Gallery / Tokyo * 1997 CD release Queen Of Pseudo Psycho with her band Vapid Dolly produced by Crispin Gray and tour in Japan * Several projects with director Christoph Schlingensief: play at the Berliner Ensemble, performance at Documenta X / Kassel, play at Hamburger Schauspielhaus * Photoexhibition at gallery Institut / Berlin * Photos published in book Surreality * European Tour with Schorsch Kamerun * Participates in exhibition Cities On The Move at Wiener Secession / Vienna. Cities On The Move is also shown in Bordeaux, New York, Louisiana / Denmark and London * 1998 Title track of Electric Lady Land with Panacea on Mille Plateaux * Exhibition Trash at Greene Naftali / New York * Sings for Die Goldenen Zitronen on their album Dead School Hamburg * Performance with Die Goldenen Zitronen at Popkomm / Cologne * Opening dance for NYCollection at Chelsea Piers * Performace with Alec Empire and Merzbow at CBGB * Japantour with Let's Did It (Schorsch Kamerun & DJ Koze & Hanayo) * Exhibition in Saint Nazale / France * 1999 CD release Hanayo in Panacea on Mille Plateaux * Exhibition in Rennes / France * Photoexhibition at Hayward Gallery / London * Photoexhibition at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art / Denmark * Live radio show with Console at Popkom / Cologne * Start new band Pain Cake (with Locust Fudge) * Tour Bangkok, Stockholm * Film Second Generation directed by Shane O'Sullivan ^M

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