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Masha And The Bear - Masha Laundry Day

3 года назад|1 просмотров
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Masha And The Bear - Masha Laundry Day.\r
Cute and precious Masha is having a great day, because you have decided to join her in the greatest games that you have ever seen, and she loves it when you girls come and play more funny games with her. Today, your friend Masha wants to wash all of her clothes, as its her laundry day. Once a week, Masha is washing all of her clothes, but she is not that good at it, she always messes up ending in coloring her whites, de-coloring her other clothes and so on, so, she thought that if you girls help her with her laundry day, it will stop her from making such great mistakes. We know that you are great at this, and you are going to have a great time helping cute Masha wash her clothes. First, lets separate the whites and colored clothes, and then lets start washing the clothes, only after that you will have to put them on the dryer. Enjoy this fun game, girls!

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