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5 years ago

[CM3D2] Re:Zero - Fallin' Love

This dance is included in the base game, no DLC required.

If you want to know where to get the mods to have Re:Zero characters, leave a comment so I know there's any real demand for me to search up the links and add them to the description.

The new DLC stuff has some actually nice dance animations tho... too bad i'm uploading a base game dance then :) Figured i'd bring in some known characters for the fourth CM3D2 dance video.

This is the absolutely first dance available in the base game and is also the first time they had a multi-model dance animation. By default they use the Innocent, Tsundere, and Kuudere base models if you don't select any before starting the dance.

Now with these out of the way, finally on to the DLC dance animations.

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