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The King and His Lazy Kingdom

3 года назад|3 просмотров
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The King and His Lazy Kingdom\r
There was once a king who was totally unhappy and sad with his people who were too lazy to do some usefully work. The King thought to teach them a lesson so he kept a big stone in the middle of a road one night when all his men were sleeping.\r
Next morning a merchants came and went round the stone and didnt even care to move the big stone so that there was easy passage of people and traffic. Then came an officer who with his horse carriage went round the big stone which laid untouched on the road Then came a soldier who also came and went round the stone though being capable of getting the stone out of its way. Each and every who passed the stone cursed the Government for not removing it.\r
Then came a foreigner who was passing through that road, he decided to move that stone from there so he took the help of his mates and removed it. It was evening when the foreigner did such a nice work, at that very moment when the king came to that spot to congratulate them, he told that he disguised as a beggar and by the side of the road, he called for the official and the soldier when they came to about this they felt very ashamed with such a work that they had done.\r
The King then presented a box full of money which was kept in a hole beneath the stone and it was etched that this purse of money belongs to whoever got this stone out of there. After that day the Kingdom became very hard-working and was never as lazy as it was before.

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