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Plants Vs Zombies 2: Tiki Torch-er Level 54 55 56

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Dark Ages is a world in Plants vs. Zombies 2: Its About Time. It is the first world in Plants vs. Zombies 2: Its About Time to be in a night time setting while its the fifth world in general. The mushrooms make their debut here.\r
As it namesake says, Dark Ages takes during the tenth century where culture and economy slowly deteriorates mankind that follows the decline of the Roman Empire. Also, the use of Black Magic like Necromancy became also the center of usage for evil purposes.\r
Like in Ancient Egypt, tombstones appear in Dark Ages. However, they can now occasionally spawn by themselves and summon zombies through an ambush called Necromancy!. Certain tombstones marked with a sun or Plant Food icon reward players with sun and Plant Food when destroyed. Sun does not fall from the sky in Dark Ages as it is nighttime. If a grave spawns where there is a plant, that plant and all plants in front or behind it will move forward one column. Contrary to popular belief, Sunflowers and Twin Sunflowers do not fall asleep in these levels, but it is still recommended to use Sun-shrooms due to their lower cost.

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Plants Vs Zombies 2: Tiki Torch-er Level 54 55 56
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