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How to belay with a REVERSO

Petzl Crew
il y a 11 ans|183.1K vues
This multi-purpose belay/rappel device is lightweight and easy to use. The asymmetric V-shaped grooved friction channels regulate the amount of braking friction on the rope according to its diameter and condition.
* Ultra-light design (hot-forged aluminum - 72 g)
* A single device for all rope types.
* V-shaped friction channels.
* Asymmetrically grooved sidewalls.
* Carabiner hole to release device when loaded in Reverso mode (allows the loaded device in Reverso mode to be easily and gradually released with only a carabiner).
* Rope friendly.
* Intuitive.

To learn more about the PETZL REVERSO3 belay/rappel device, please visit :