6 years ago

6 Amazing Pictures That Completely Shook The World || WittyFeed

"Truth, like a torch, the more it's shook it shines." ~ William Hamilton

I don't know whether to salute these photographers for their enormous courage or whether to hate them. I mean, how can you click the pictures of dead? But these photos again proved that the creepiest animal alive on the earth is 'Human'. We have killed more of our own kind than any other animal on the earth.

Blood, blood, and blood. Have you ever imagine where we're taking humanity for the sake of our benefit? The profit which we get in return of the 'blood'. The smile which we borrow by taking the smile of others. The human race is nothing but a curse, a curse which is killing the ethical growth of every soul.

Her tongue is locked, her smile is totally blocked. Tears are shaded with blood. Still, humanity exists in this world, right?

These disturbing pictures are nothing but a shadow which can't be seen by an average human eye.