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USA Election 2016 | This Election Is A Gift For Libertarians.

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3 years ago|12 views
This Election Is A Gift For Libertarians

​By Chris Rossini

Life, liberty, and property rights may be taking another massive hit in this year's election, but there is a silver lining for libertarians. The most important things that government relies upon from its submissive subjects continue to decay right before our eyes.

Government depends upon on a massive amount of smoke and mirrors in order to garner sufficient belief in its legitimacy. If there's one good thing that we can say about Donald Trump, it's that his candidacy has exposed the mainstream media as a full-blown arm of the government and establishment elites. Of course, Ron Paul supporters already knew this to be the case for years now, but the media has now shown its cards to everyone. They are FCC licensed lapdogs of the state.

This widespread understanding is huge! For decades, Americans have believed the media to be legit. Remember, prior to the Internet, government had a lock on the information that Americans were Fed. There were a few TV stations, all parroting the same government line, and they would go off-the-air every night to the playing of the star-spangled banner. Belief in the political class was a shoe-in.

Now, the government's licensed media has no choice but to embarrassingly promote Hillary Clinton 24 hrs a day. What a job to be handed...and what poetic justice. The media has lost what little credibility it has left by pumping up (and covering up) for someone who is widely despised by the American public.

That brings us to the next area where government is losing its grip on American minds: the reverence of politicians. People in the "land of the free" are trained starting at a very young age in government schools to sing hosannahs to politicians. These so-called "public servants" are placed on gigantic pedestals. Government has built monuments to itself and has carved faces into mountains to remind all the "little people" that they live in the palm of the politician's hand.

This election has helped to smash that myth into a thousand pieces. Everyone can clearly see the ugliness of power and politics. The mask has been ripped off and behind it lays debauchery, immorality, and criminality that cannot be missed. Anyone who looks at politicians today and says "I want to be like that" needs some serious intervention from family and friends.

The beliefs in government omnipotence are dying and it's important to take notice that libertarians didn't have to "do" anything to bring this about. There was no need for marches, rallies, rebellions, or any other public displays of dissatisfaction.

Government, on its own, is decaying from within. On its own, government continues to spend itself into insolvency and bankruptcy. The nature of politics ensures to us that government must ultimately knock itself out. No outside help is necessary.

At some point, the U.S. federal government will have to default on the outrageous promises that it can never keep. It will have to bring the troops home and shut the military empire down. It will have to face a very angry public that is used to "benefits". These same individuals will not like hearing the news that the check will not be in the mail.

This is the grave that government has dug for itself. It was warned the entire way down. Modern libertarians stand on the shoulders of giants who tried to stop the avalanche when it was a mere snowball. But power, being what it is, yearns to expand itself. Living at the expense of others is too hard a temptation to resist.

What happens when the jig is up? What happens when people realize that the goose who laid the fiat money eggs has run out of ink?

That is the time when libertarians can "do" something. Libertarians can come in to pick up the pieces. That's the time to tell your neighbors (who are searching for answers and ready to hear them) about the superiority of liberty to fake government omnipotence. That's the time to tell them about sound money, free markets, voluntary exchanges, and private property rights.

That's the time to persuasively convey to them that the non-aggression principle is the moral and just way to live on this Earth. No one (including government) may use aggressive force against anyone else.

Here's the good part....there's no reason to wait. Libertarians can tell those who are willing to listen about these ideas right now. Sure, many will pooh-pooh until the checks start to bounce, but there are millions of people that have open minds and clearly see that government does nothing but pave the road to serfdom.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the media, and the entire government apparatus have given us all a gift. They've continued to smash the beliefs that Americans have been bamboozled by for at least 100 years. They have shown the true face of government to America, and Americans realize that it stinks!

Liberty might be on the horizon, if we want it bad enough.

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