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We have to rigorously protect our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

3 yıl önce|6 görüntüleme
ADNAN OKTAR: We have to look out for Mr. Tayyip Erdogan. These people have snobbish, pedantic mindsets; they do not favor the Anatolian people. For a long time, since the 60s, there has been a mind that despises our people; this treacherous mentality has risen again. And since Mr. Erdogan is also a born and raised Anatolian, they take offense at being governed by him. They want to see a snob in power. They are searching for a snob that will suit their ambitions. We won't let them. And we will defend Mr. Erdogan in any case at all means.

I support all the parties. I am a supporter of CHP, a supporter of MHP, a supporter of AKP, a supporter of SP. I do not support only a single party.
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