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Mutations Gallery I

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A friend of mine had recently moved from California to Colorado. "So what do they do with the grass in the winter?" Almost a valid question I suppose but I said it is rolled up and placed in a warehouse.
[] Tbh for the longest time i thought ttys= Talk to you soon stood for titties
[] Fake cast on my wrist. I had to attend work but couldn't do much for 3 weeks in a restaurant, same thing I had time off from tasks at home. I told home it was a work injury.
[] There's no guarantee that it'll ever actually happen. Materials and energy will always be limited, and there's always something else you could be doing with them. Once you've ensured that an uprising of the poor can't succeed, you don't have to care about them anymore.
[] Give him a bandana, a beer, and explosion and I'm sold. Rawr!
[] Cheese Grader
[] Will I ever find love?
[] His foreign policy has been a disaster. What are you talking about?
[] This is real... If I'm waking into any chain idk what I want, I'm just hungry and either busy or broke... I don't care about trying to learn the stupid names of your food items..
[] At least three times a week:

"No, I'm sorry, we don't have that."
"Does -insert name of competitors here- have it?"
"I don't know."
"What's their phone number? Can you call them and ask them?"
[] Me: standing alone at the register, patiently waiting for customer to walk up

Customer: "Are you open?"
[] Savage
[] Original interview in La República

Example of analysis of the interview a day after

Uribe's Twitter reaction to the interview

Juan Carlos Velez renounces to his post at Centro Democrático

Fiscalía opens an inquiry

By the way, I've been reading your posts and I have to say that the "No" camp hasn't been making you look good at all. Take for instance Uribe, M.L. Ramírez proposal of giving full amnesty to FARC

Or Pastrana saying that 99% of Colombians support the "Sí" option (wtf?)

It's clearer by the day that the "No" campaign was just a political ploy by the Centro Democrático to reap electoral benefits in 2018. Never did they imagine how spectacularly would this backfire.

Expect some enforcement of the peace accords in the near future.
[] Yah know, that's beautiful in one sense but kind of ugly in another. I can't figure it out...
[] That was awfully nice of them to invent 911.
[] Good dive.
[] Well the business is that he thinks the girl is hot. for most guys, that's enough. but than that, you're more or less correct.
[] That's nice mate.
[] And they didn't go to Starbucks because...?
[] Wet
[] Barings II: One Night in Hong Kong

If the world suspects that Brexit was some sort of making the British lions roar again, the British pound is going to continue to be run down in markets.
[] An enema
[] Yes, populated centuries ago. What would you do, deport half the population of N.Ireland or anyone without pure Irish heritage? Of course not, because that's absurd. It's not like England clings onto it for wealth either, N.Ireland is a huge money pit. We're fortunate that things there are peaceful now and the focus should be on maintaining that peace.
[] That looks like ass.
[] I saw something clever like that on Kickstarter or Indiegogo... fuck. Can't find it!

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