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Mike Pence Brings Up Hillary's Email Scandal During The Vp Debate

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[] So only antagonists sing off key? So Darth Vader would have been flat as a pancake if he tried to sing? :). Sounds like someone from the production tryin by to rationalize. Why would you hire a person who can't sing to sing in a musical. Its as inexplicable as that.
[] Do you have that limit over 8 different cards? I don't want to carry it on that many cards but I plan on buying a home in the next year and don't want to ding my credit or anything by closing some of the older ones.
[] Why does the judge want to encourage this guy to have a family? That would mean he would be around kids all the time for several years.
[] First if all, thank you for your time, this is one of the most interesting AmAs I've read.

Do you think there's anything you'll miss about being in prison?
[] Hmm, I dunno, a lot of the books I read was older. If you never read the Game of Thrones series, that is some good stuff. Besides that, for non fiction, I thought The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock (spelling?) was pretty good, I think that is a few years older now though and he gets into some weird shit when he claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.
[] This is pretty much what a cold approach is.
[] except most of it was funded with UK money
[] Thought they were pelting people with worshippers because that headline is a mess.
[] Unfortunately none as of yet. :(
[] Not to be teased about the opposite sex so much. When I was 10 they went to a friends house for lunch & brought me along because they had a daughter same age as me at the same school. I got really bored and ended up playing with their daughter all afternoon (tiggy, kicking the ball - all normal 10 kind of year old stuff). Little did I know this would lead to constant teasing about this girl (her name was Teniellle) all the way through my early to mid teens. It only let up when they found out she was pregnant at 17 & probably not the right girl for me :/ Made me terrified of girls until I was 19/20.

I remember one day in high school waiting for my mum come pick me up and two girls sat down next to me and started talking to me. I was so terrified that my mum might see me with them that I inexplicably got up and walked away mid-conversation, only to sit back down 10 meters away pretending like I didn't know them.
[] So no business. She exists out in a public space, her attractiveness doesn't matter.
[] And for other predators, they kick like a mofo
[] If you really want them to reconsider, tell them to write it down in more than one place. Thigh and chest are good.
[] I think humans will allways be alive in some sort of way , but they will start to perish in the begning of 2100
[] Cow. MOO!
[] We're keeping records on people like you.
[] How does a credit card work?
After applying for and receiving said card. This happened multiple times.
[] Yes.
[] Communications/Nutrition is the Comic Sans of college majors.
[] Someone's tool.
[] You can do that in Florida.
[] Oh god. As a condo super I'm used to "there's an issue in my condo, can the super look at it? But i don't want him inside my apartment"

I also get the "i need help! But come between 6-8pm on a sunday. What do you mean the super doesn't work 24 hour shifts?"
[] I'm gonna get downvoted to fuck for this, but I don't care.

I only pre-order games that I have faith in. I pre-ordered Mafia 3 because I've seen enough gameplay to know what I'm getting, and there will be free updates that include customization, races, and more.

I really hate how people who pre-order games they love are getting hated on because of all this No Mans Sky bullshit. Just gonna say it now, anyone who payed $60 bucks for that incomplete game was an idiot from the start.

There, I said it.
[] Some would argue that we live in a post-Westphalian nation-state age, and that what a nation is supposed to do is put people first.

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