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if one side is ligher

Could be lighter or heavier, you don't know.
[] Holy shit that's a terrible rate.
[] Customer comes in looking for blank music CD's.

"Can this CD play English and Urdu music?"
[] Is this a serious question?
[] Not even going to guess at the nothing you've spouted. Ttyl babe
[] Always dodge the question when he asks why his hands are always cold...
[] So is what "Make America Great Again" really means?
[] You should buy him a pie and wait for him to come in.
[] They still had colonies in 1980...

And the sons of the colonizers are still sitting on top of the huge pile of benefits brought from destroying other people's homelands... I'm not sure doing nothing to compensate the difference is right...
[] $10 a bottle definitely falls under the "paid a lot for" umbrella.
[] I'm not sure if changing my life fits in this scenario but after reading Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, I've certainly been more self-aware of my interactions with other people. Every single day when I'm talking with people a thought does cross my mind about something from the book.
[] "Is it alright to leave the roofing material outside in the raim overnight before you install it" No, not at all. It's not what's going on your roof to keep water out of your home silly.
[] That was over the line, Sparky. Mark it zero.
[] Not being able to keep programming and develop my skills more while in there.
[] I've been told by multiple friends that 'I don't have a smell'
[] A person asked why her iPad was different than others. She showed me that her button is on the top of the screen and her friends iPads all had the button in the bottom of the screen. I took the iPad, turned it around with my mouth open in disbelief, the screen turned around and I handed it to her.
[] I like to think he was thinking, what is the name of THE song from the 80s or 90s, so come on people, what is THE song?
[] My friend had the same conversation in Mc Donalds. The only difference being it was me who said he wanted a hamburger, then when he corrected me as above, I called him a fucking moron. The cashier had a good laugh and rung his order through.
[] People used to come through the wendys drive through early morning thinking they were at starbucks

welcome to wendys what can I get you?
sir this is wendys

[] "They're against rampant influxes of foreign cultures that don't mix with the native one and put massive strains on the system."

Literally what colonization is. While the refugee crisis sucks in the status quo, it's legitimized on the historical balance. Doesn't mean you can't fight it, but it doesn't mean refugees are blindsiding y'all from a place of neutrality. They're pawns in an inevitable balancing act that exists on a scale larger than the present.
[] I actually have a few. An everyday and then a couple for outdoor activities. Waterproof that Seals up and floats.
[] Those weren't archaic at the time, and they were not exclusive to the British.

If they tried torturing and killing people today in the name of Jesus, one should be expected to have the same reaction today as we should vs Islam.
[] this. I don't like swiss cheese at all of thousand island dressing, but I'll be damned if a Reuben is the most heavenly sandwich to eat.
[] That is mahogany!
[] Sort of related.

The Pizza Hut near me has a deal of buy 1 pizza, any other pizzas you order are $5.

The sign out front reads "$5 BUCKS $5 BUCKS $5 BUCKS IS ON"

Mildly infuriating every time I pass by.

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