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Joe Biden Is A Pedophile Caught On A Hot Mic

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Ah, the elusive golden anus
[] Not all. Some b&m stores are the same cost as online. Or they carry better quality than the cheaper online alternative. But cords. Nope quality is the same
[] That nurse sounds like a diamond in the rough.
[] The pizza originally didn't have cheese
I'd had pizzas from italian places with zero cheese.
[] I work at a theatre, too. My favorite is the "why aren't the "no entry" doors unlocked?"

"Do I have to walk through that line?"


"What time do you legally open" as I'm selling them a ticket....
[] OP, did you have a fucking stroke typing out that title?
[] Be like Leo
A customer wanted something for her cat. "Do you have that thing that does that thing?" No. Can you describe it? "Well, it's for cats, and cats like it, and they get on it, and does the thing..." K. What thing? "You know, cat things."
[] Every day I drink 8 glasses of water I need to piss 4x as much as usual.
[] OMG! Le pop culture reference! Good one guys XD XD XD
[] Forza Motorsport 2 market used to have straight up porn on cars so it's okay
[] Ex bf thought it would be funny to grab the wheel and pull it sharply while I was driving pretty fast.

Another fella kept randomly pulling the handbrake when I was taking off, making the car stop, and it was really, really annoying.
[] Are wombats fruit bats or insect bats?
[] Wow... you look fabulous
[] When you start caring again is when you're in trouble.
[] It better be superb. I don't wanna have anyone who's seen the original Blade Runner being disappointed.
[] I'll take "not my fucking job" for 200 Alex.
[] Thank you!
[] Look at the price for all the mass effect stuff, you're still paying over $60 for everything. And you can't even buy it with straight cash, you have to buy bioware points then buy the dlc.
[] Overhyped to hell. No damage outside my house.
[] Well then you should of stated that. Also, Amazon sellers sell fine stuff i have bought many things from them and not directly from Amazon and everything is fine. If you are going to be picky don't fucking ask.
[] You did one heckuva job Matthew.
[] We should fuck off anyway. Syria does not pose an immediate threat to our national security, therefore we have absolutely no business there. But yes, the goal is regime change. Our military agenda for the last couple decades has been regime change and destabilization in the middle east. That's why we're selling arms to rebel groups and paying companies big bucks to make fake propaganda videos.
[] Most people are idiots. Browns would win 10/10 times by well more than 20 points
[] I'm pretty sure I saw this earlier in the week. Are you from the future?

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