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Hillary Clinton Denies Planning A Drone Attack On Assange

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Space exploration.
[] If the triangles had smooth shading, this would probably be on-par with PS2.
[] Ever notice blatantly racist comments. Like ones directed against white men....
[] r/KenM
[] Boycotting a custom in someone else's country, as a free woman, really going to change anyone's view?

She's an outsider, so she doesn't have much to lose.
It just seems like an overwhelming number of Iranians would view her as just another elitist American trying to impose her views on their country.
[] Which is your favorite video ?
[] But like...had they paid for the turkey? Were they still in the store?
[] Is it always cloudy in Russia? Could be smog or just soul crushing depression from living in Russia.
[] Facebook
[] that would be refried beans. But there are many different kinds of beans do you dislike them all?
[] We had to run hills until we puked if we mouthed off to coaching staff or fought with each other. The whole world is getting horribly soft.
[] That really is fucked. Did you end up going to another insurance company?
[] It kinda makes sense. The cost of electricity is 3 times as high in Berlin than it was in Montreal. It also explain how rare home AC units are on this side of the pond.
[] 'membet Cuban Missile Crisis?

'member Vietnam War?
[] You can also use kool-aid, but it comes out red right away. Also can stain your tub.
[] Looks like Matthew is crop dusting as it passes by
[] They were all small-chuckle-worthy until I got to "a small, intimate gathering of crocodiles"
[] Probably both. The roof was gone off my house, and everything inside ruined, basically.

No telling if someone got in there before hand and made off with some stuff, though.
[] "Do I have to l pay the loan back"

Yes, he meant it.

A good old costumer service. I miss the times there.
[] No, I get that. I mean alot of times visiting the doctor regardless of your ailment, the first assumption is you're knocked up.

Actually speaking to most people they assume that about a woman.
[] Hi I recently was looking at buying a bicycle but I'm just worried about a few things, like if it's going to be too big for my car and the price could you help me out?
[] Not good. It's some foul combo of booze and sweat right now.
[] well not really a question but it goes in the same category. I am part of an organisation that makes trips for kids to other countries to learn their culture and language, they stay there in guest families. two months ago we had a new group of french kids and at the first evening of their stay I got a call from the police telling me they found a boy in a train station 200km from where he should have gone.

it turns out, he missed his train, stayed at the same platform and then went on the next train that departed from there. he was completely oblivious to the fact that there could be more than one train leaving from one platform. he was found by a police officer who was off duty and on his way home, I don't even want to think about what could have happened.
[] I like how he falls for so long that he just gives up waving his arms
[] I get that reference!

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