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In Honor of President George W. Bush

12 years ago|101 views
He deserves better than all this slander. He has done a fine job as our Commander-in-Chief. It is sad that so many of you insist upon undergoing intolerable acts of insolence. Look at what he has done. With Iran's and N Koreas nuclear buildup an American empty Iraq would boost the danger to a grave level threatening American prosperity and peace throughout the globe. For America is the presiding Police of the world. It is our duty as the only remaining Superpower. Give President Bush well-deserved credit, don't let anti-Americans from both foreign lands and born in this country put down this great man of vision and courage who has done his best to further what is best for America and the Free World even when faced with blistering, vicious personal attacks by hateful leftist ideologues who wish America ill, these people who insult our President do so as they put down our country, our history, our military, our every accomplishment... Stand tall, be proud to be an American, support our troops, know that America has always stood for freedom and that we still do in a world gone mad.

God bless President George W. Bush, a great American visionary willing to stand alone with his convictions. Respect!!

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