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4 years ago|21 views

Rio 2016 Olympics : The One Time An Athlete's 'Pecker' Let Him Down

There are plenty of ways for Olympic athletes to get injured but which of the sports is considered the most dangerous ?

Judo ?

Fencing ?

Weightlifting ?

Cycling ?

Diving ?

Equestrian Eventing ?

Boxing ?

and so on. One can list the obvious ones that are inherently dangerous to any athlete.

But what about Pole Vaulting ?

Eh ? You ask yourself.

Well, one Pole Vaulter, Hiroki Ogita of Japan, failed to move past the qualifying round of the 2016 Rio Olympics pole vaulting competition on Saturday.

Why ?

Just like many a broken marriage, he can, in part blame his penis, which tragically for him, knocked the pole down and left him in agony (see first part of video)

First his leg knocks the bar.. Next his phallus slams into it, leaving the bar tumbling down and him in out of the competition and a very sore pecker.

A similar injury occurred in the 2000 Sydney Olympics during the same event (second half of video). That one involved the Olympian's manhood but compared to Mr Ogita, it looks like it was much more severe.

Watch the video, men will feel for the blokes - the pain is almost palpable.

It's a shame the athletes own personal 'poles' did not score for them when it really mattered.
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