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4 years ago|10.3K views

Living As An Adult Baby: EXTREME LOVE

Barcroft TV
Barcroft TV
LOOKING at Jess’s collection of dummies and sippy cups, you’d be forgiven for thinking the pretty 21-year-old from Florida had a baby of her own to care for. But Jess’s collection of babygrows aren’t sized for a newborn - they are designed with her 5ft 5in frame in mind. As an ‘adult baby’, Jess likes to wear nappies, drink from bottles and ‘regress’ back to her infancy. A sexual abuse survivor, Jess, who lives in Lakeland, Florida with her 24-year-old boyfriend, David, says that regressing has helped her make peace with her troubled childhood. Now a confident and happy young woman, Jess says wearing diapers, babygrows and drinking from bottles has done more for her self-esteem than years of traditional therapy and medication. 

Videographer / director: Eric Coughlin
Producer: Katie Mercer, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Sonia Estal
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