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Basement jaxx - oh my gosh

il y a 11 ans|2.2K vues
Vidéo du groupe Basement Jaxx (feat Vula Malinga)
"oh my gosh" - 2005

See that boy just standing over there
He stopped me today said he liked my hair, Ooh
He asked me where you going tonight
And I said I'm with my girls... (yeah A was on the run)
To tell you the truth he was just a lil bit, fresh
He said he liked the way I put my lipstick.... on
He said how many sugars do you like in your tea? (humm)
I said forget about the sugar have a spoonful of me, cuz I taste so sweet

Oh my gosh He's making eyes at me and I don't mind, at all
Oh my gosh He's making my imagination run w-wild

Listen to this yeah:
There I was with a drink in my hand
No cares in the world didn't have a plan
I turned around and I caught his eye
He made me lose my concentration
Did you get his number? No
Did you get his name? humm
What score would you give him on a scale of 1 to 10?
I didn't get his number (I didn't get his number)
I don't know his name
But I think he's hot y'no and I think he is a 10

Refrain (x2)

Chinese eyes
Ice cube lips
Feel it in da eyes

Ooh I'm feeling you girl
From your head to your feet
Cuz you look so good i can bo-barely speak
Give me ur digits a can phone you
Got all things I wanna tell you
Oh my gosh I think I love you