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Pokemon Go Player Videobombs Reporter By Shouting FHRITP, Could Face Charges

il y a 3 ans|11 vues
A Pokemon Go-fueled prank on a Canadian television reporter ended with a police complaint when a young man videobombed a live broadcast by saying, “F*** her right in the Pokeballs!”

CTV’s Sarah MacDonald was on location in downtown Vancouver reporting on the large number of Pokemon Go players that had lingered well into the evening, exploring potential privacy concerns raised by the popular augmented reality game. Suddenly, a man approaches from her left and appears poised to take a selfie with her. Instead, he blurts out the offending phrase.

McDonald, who clearly did not find any humor in the situation, grimaced as she shoved the man away. She then managed to finish the rest of her segment, the crowd behind her seemingly shocked and amused by the FHRITP ambush.

The man’s antics could lead to trouble with the police, however. As he ran, his arm allegedly became entangled with McDonald’s earpiece and ripped it out of her ear, prompting McDonald to file a complaint with Vancouver police that could possibly lead to assault charges.