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UNRAVEL - All Secrets in Chapter 1 (Thistles and Weeds)

vor 3 Jahren|3 Ansichten
Unravel CHAPTER 1 Secrets - No Stone Unturned Achievement/Trophy. We're are showing you all Secret Location in Chapter 1, called Thistles and Weeds. How to find all Secrets in Chapter 1.

The first chapter starts you off very slowly with most of the secret collectibles very close to the main path so you get a feel for the game and the mechanics. The secrets are little buttons that you have to collect by running over them.

All 5 Secrets in Chapter 1 (Thistles and Weeds)

Secret 1 - 00:03
Secret 2 - 00:37
Secret 3 - 01:15
Secret 4 - 01:51
Secret 5 - 02:51


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