il y a 6 ans


Amadeus | 160 min | Biopic | 1984 IMDb Score: 8,3/10
Vienna, November 1823. A lost old man makes a surprising confession in the middle of the night: “Forgive me, Mozart, forgive your assassin”! This phantom is Antonio Salieri, once a celebrated musician and official Court composer. As early as his childhood, he dedicated his entire life to the service of God, promising to celebrate Him through his music, and costing him incessant effort. As a reward for his countless sacrifices, he prayed for eternal glory. For a few years, his talent was recognized by music-loving Emperor Joseph II and earned Salieri the highest of accolades. But in 1781, a young man arrives in Vienna with a flattering reputation in tow. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would go on to become the greatest composer of the century. Salieri understands that this exceptionally-gifted snob, whose genius he deeply admires, represents a real threat to his status, and thus will try to oust him.

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