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il y a 13 ans

Queer as Folk Randy Harisson Justin et Cody anti machos

Jean Rossignol
Cody initie toujours Justin à la violence au sein de l'escadron gay. Il lui fait découvrir son passé avec un pasteur d'église, et l'y emmène .Puis il l'entraine devant une disco hétéro, et après les insultes et un début de lutte, sort un revolver et le met sous la tempe du mec pour qu'il s'excuse ...
In an effort to beef up the Pink Posse and get the Posse prepared to take on "trouble before it starts", Cody pursuades Justin and the rest of the Pink Posse to train in a boxing ring. Justin, however, has his doubts as does the rest of the Posse, who walk out in an effort to keep themselves out of trouble and from getting themselves hurt; Cody decides to take Justin to hear a preacher speak about the sins of homosexuality at a nearby church, to help subside his doubts about the Pink Posse's supposed motivation. They later leave Liberty Avenue in search of gay-bashers and homophobes in the straight neighborhoods, and, in an effort to stir up the trouble he is looking for, Cody kisses Justin outside a straight dance club, leading to harsh words and a fight where Cody ends up putting a gun to a man's head to make him apologize for calling them faggots.