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Drunk beezie ./. Props to CHingo BLI


Props to CHingo BLING and and Cuervoton 2008 and Props to E-low and TO DJ fingaz and Fingazz and z90 and brian bell doing it BIG and props to and and Props to 93.3 and 92.5 and z90 and Billy blast and Jsmoove @ z90 doing it BIG. and Props to and all the rappers like Caps and and props To Jimrock and BBH crew and the Bros b4 Hoes film team and all the party crews like so fresh and most hated and famous flavca and lgd and slush and skeet and calderon productions cuz they do it big at animale...OG TIPZY AND STILL JOCKIN ENT JAN FRI THE 26TH.DOING IT BIG INTRUDUCING NEW LATINO GIRL PARTY CREWFREAKY MAMMIZ ENT.GOING DOWN JAN FRI THE 26TH.INFOLINES 619-666-9118 AND 619-917-1078HOSTED BY: BROWSER LOCS T.E, OG LIL MAN S.J.E, AND KRAZY F.M. Its for JOSE CUERVO.. cuz were doing promotions for CUERVO and CHINGO BLING IN LA and IE.. WERE BRINGING THE BBH CREW STREET TEAMS TO LA soon.. ONLY OG WRIters that can ACTUALLY DO A BIG WALL. and CLEAN. EMAIL EXAMPLES TO . IF Your in SAN DIEGO. YOUR ROLLING WITH Me "JIMROCK" and YOU WILL BE PAID IN CASH .. LEGIT DEAl ..