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[ENG SUB] Part Time The Series EP 03 (by JustBLThings & PTTSI)

Alem Bess
[ENG SUB] Part Time The Series EP 03 is brought to you by JustBLThings & Part Time the Series International Fans on Facebook.

"This is a story of mostly university students who need to find part-time jobs in order to pay for their food, shelter and education. One boy travels from southern Thailand to Bangkok to come to school, but because he is poor he needs to find a job. He slowly intersects with the lives of others like him. As their stories interweave, they face challenges that range from as basic as money to as complicated as romance. How will they fare? Will the friendships formed along the way strengthen them or weaken them? Who will emerge fulfilling their dreams and who will stumble and fall?"

Raw Episode from MCOT HD

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