Khoat || Episode 11 || 23 May || Nida Khan || ARY Digital || Drama || HD Quality || Pakistan

  • 8 years ago
A man who uses women as a weapon to fight for him and as a stair to reach his desired destiny; never achieves it!

Khoat is a story that revolves around Javed Ayaz ( Jibran Khan), a hypocrite who flirts and deceives others for his benefit. He belongs to a lower middle class family; but his goals are higher and in order to achieve them, he fools different women at different stages of his life.

Maira (Nida Khan) is Javed’s first wife who truly loves him but gets nothing in return. He pretends to love her but his only motive behind the marriage is her money.

Sunaina (Zhalay Sarhadi) is a modern, high class girl woman who also fails to recognize Javed’s real face and becomes his next target. He marries her and uses her as just another ladder to success.

The truth cannot be hidden..

Because hidden truths are like unspoken lies..

Shagufta (Maria Wasti) is a smart politician who meets Javed in a random party and a new game starts from there..

Javed finds her as another golden opportunity to accomplish his never ending goals; he marries her and tries to trap her but instead gets trapped himself.

What goes around comes around…

Writer: Imran Nazir

Director: Amin Iqbal


Jibran Khan as Javed Ayaz
Nida Khan as Maira
Zhalay Sarhadi as Sunaina
Maria Wasti as Shagufta
Firdous Jamal
Javed Shaikh
Rabia Noureen
Jahanzeb Gurchani
Shehriyar Zaidi
Humera Zahir
Malik Raza
Aslam Shaikh and others.