Shishira (Sisira) Telugu Full Movie | Yashas, Meghana, Prema | AR Entertainments
  • 8 years ago
Shishira (Sisira) is an Indian Telugu Dubbed Movie From Kannada film starring Yashas, Meghana, Prema in an important role and Santhosh, Aashish, Baby sampriya in other roles. Directed by debutent Manju Swaraj. Produced by B Mahadev and BT Manju. Ajaneesh Lokhanath has scored the music Released in 2011

"Shishira" is about Suraj and his group of friends who start off a debate on the existence of god and Ghosts. Suraj is an atheist and says it's futile to think about gods and ghosts in modern times. His argument is that only hard work and creative thinking matters in the new world. But his friend challenges him to stay one night in a haunted, dilapidated old bungalow. Suraj accepts the challenge and stays in the locked house...without even his mobile phone. And then the story starts. During his 'alone time' in the bungalow, Suraj traces a diary that tells the tragic tale of the house's earlier inmates who have been killed by a crook known to the family. Suraj faces some anxious moments when he feels that all the dead characters are actually inside the house. Haunted by a sense of fear, he is slowly crippled by terrifying anxiety and the fear of death. However, he does come out of the house exactly after 12 hours.