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Nursery Rhymes Vol 11 Thirty Rhymes with Karaoke

4 yıl önce|11 görüntüleme
Here are some absolutely fabulous all-time favorite childrens songs! Animated and presented in a fun-filled format! Its called Nursery Rhymes Volume 11.\r
Imagine 24 black birds flying out of your freshly baked pie. Well, there is a special kind of 16th century Italian technique that keeps birds alive, how cool is that?\r
Here is a special anthology of some old, adapted and some brand new tunes! Rhymes are always delightful. Watch Nursery Rhymes Volume 9. Titles Included: .\r
Wheels On The Bus Plus More Nursery Rhymes Videos - huge compilation from AppuSeries! Take a musical adventure aboard the busy yellow bus with .

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