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5 years ago

TINC - Little One (Official Music Video)

This Beat Is Sick
This Beat Is Sick
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Music & Lyrics by TINC
Mastered by Red Light Studio
Music Video by Brass Collective
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Verse One
Buried beneath, this glorious land
Lies the faithful, a city of dreams.
Follow the signs, my little one
Don’t get lost now; we’re all alone now.
Verse Two
Search for the light, be wary of fire
Storm through the dessert, seek shelter under.
No family or friends, no lovers or man
Don’t follow the footsteps, deep in the sand.
Little one, little one
I’ll marry your, marry your soul
Little one, little one
Heart of gold, your heart is made out of gold
Verse Three
Wild child and soul, with nowhere to go
Roar with the lions, they hunt as they roam.
Deep in her soul, there’s nothing to hold
Got to keep running, there’s a long way to go.
Verse 4
Hope turns to dust, dust turns to fear
There shall be no evil, when light is near.
Just follow the signs, my little one
It’s almost dawn now, the worst is over.
Chorus x2

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